Zeitstrahl: Greece through the mirror of the ages

Conrad Steinmann
Aulos, Recorders, “Untertonflöte”, Fischiott, Kymbala

Music from the ancient Greece, the late antiq­ui­ty, Byzan­tium and today’s com­po­si­tions by Peter Streiff/Roland Moser and Con­rad Steinmann.

Where are begin­nings and, if we think we know, where do begin­nings lead, which were always already con­tin­u­a­tions of ear­li­er begin­nings? And are there end­ings? They always find a con­tin­u­a­tion, an ever-grow­ing chain with nei­ther begin­ning nor end.


I Ancient Greece:

kroú­sis, embubu phríx, monól­o­gos, épos, próteron, kým­bala, naí, thrénos


II The late antiquity and Byzantium

Paiàn dél­phikos
2nd cen­tu­ry BC

Andrew of Crete:

Oútos ho theós
(Patri­arch of Jerusalem 634–638)

Qale Gnize
(c. 600)

trad. Greece:
Mandilatos (c‘‘ Ilarionov)


III today

Peter Streiff:
Zeit­strahl (2009/2010)

Roland Moser:
Alrune (1979)

Con­rad Steinmann:
4pm (2014)